27 år , Helsingborg

Ioannis; Im a 27y old man, I love to travel and thats also my hobby. When I travel I do it as a backpacker because I like the simple and cheap way of travel, why? then I can stay away for a longer time and I meet people in another way. I`ve traveled around a bit in Asia and love it, but I have never been to Sri Lanka.       Emelie; Im a 24y old woman, my biggest hobby is photography. I've had an intrest for photography since I was 12y "young" and I must have my camera with me everywere. I have never been to Asia, so there for I'm very nervous about this trip. But I really want to go, see the country, the ocean and walk in the rainforest. Ioannis have always talked about Asia this and Asia that. So he gave me this trip for my 24th birthday, he really is a lovely man. I will try to show you loads of photos in this blog during our trip and also give you some info about the country here.      We have been together for more than 3y and this will be our 4th trip together. On the other three trips we went to Greece together. We also live together in Helsingborg, Sweden. Hope that you will enjoy our blog!